Where is the Support for Nina Davuluri?

I know many feminists have issues with beauty pageants (history of sexism and racism). However, how can feminists ignore the racism that Nina Davuluri is facing?

It’s not surprising that she is facing vile racism from people who think “Miss America” should be a blonde haired blue eyed Southern Belle. However, it is a tad disheartening that only TWO popular feminist websites are supporting this woman.

Ok, maybe some sites refuse to touch the story because it’s not something they consider important. Or, maybe they dislike beauty pageants so much that they will not even do a simple blog post on this issue.

But, honestly….I can’t help but think that more feminists would come out the woodwork and support Theresa Vail if people made such harsh comments about her…

What do you think?

I have come back to blogging.

Over the summer, I decided to give up on blogging because I questioned how much good I was actually doing for the real world. I wanted to “get out there” because it felt more tangible than simply writing an entry on the internet. To be honest, I still doubt how much good me writing my thoughts on the internet will do for humanity. (I really don’t think so highly of myself to believe that my simple words will do anything much of substance).

However, I realized that I tend to look through blogs pertaining to certain issues. I wanted to know the minds of other people regarding issues I faced or wanted to know more about. Even though I realize the world won’t be flocking to this blog for any type of guidance or support, maybe one person will. And, that’s when I decided that helping one person is more than good enough. I don’t know whom I will help with this blog (if anyone) but maybe that person will go on to do great things.

[Guest Post] liberal feminism isn’t your ally either

A Radical TransFeminist

Note from Lisa

This is a guest post by Emma Brant.

The original, along with its associated tumblr commentary, can be found here: liberal feminism isn’t your ally either.

Guest posts are something I’ve wanted to do on this blog for a while now. I have a (small) platform here and I’d like to share it with other trans* women who are doing feminism on the radical side of things (no, it’s not just me).

If you fit that description and would like your post to appear here, please get in touch (tweet me or leave a comment on my about page).

Guest posts are made unaltered and are completely the work of their original authors. However, if I’m putting a guest post up here, it’s generally because I support/agree with the work that’s being done, and see it as a part of the liberation project which…

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Is the Lack of Feminist Critique of Jodi Arias Misandry?


Since the Jodi Arias case arose, many Mens’ Rights Activists (MRAs) have claimed that silence from prominent feminist websites have proven that feminism is linked to misandry. In fact, MRA website “A Voice for Men” is currently having a field day with the Jodi Arias case and the lack feminist criticism she has received. Sadly, they seem to be the only gender issue website to have mentioned her in such great length. I have found only one article about her on Jezebel, but that is in regards to some sort of movie based about Arias. In addition, Feministing and Feministe have no articles about Arias at all.

So, that leads to a good question that many people seem to be asking: Is the lack of feminist critique of Jodi Arias’ actions linked to misandry? The first step (and easy step) is the establish the fact that misandry is defined as hatred of men, the equal and opposite of misogyny. With that said, a question such as this raises the question of whether or not the silence is apathy or hatred. For those more interested in Philosophy, it could be logical to argue that such silence/apathy is because of hatred and not simply a lack of interest. 

Considering Arias did use a defense in which she claimed she was a victim of abuse, one is justified in wondering why prominent feminist sites have yet to touch the trial. It was clear to the jury that Arias pre-meditated her actions, and even tried to cover them up. Not to mention, she did lie several times while being investigated. Yet, no feminist response in support or against Arias. Just simple silence, as if the case has not been in everyone’s face for months. Considering the massive outrage feminists sites had during the Chris Brown/Rihanna issue, Oscar Pistorius issue, (etc) it does make a logical person wonder if feminists sites have no interest in voicing that women are just as capable of horrid things as men.

It would be less suspicious if such prominent feminist websites at least acknowledged that they heard of the case, even if that meant simply giving a summary of the case in their own words. It also would be less suspicious if these sites did not have multiple articles on abusive men who have battered or killed their wives or girlfriends. In addition, these same websites have charged MRA websites as misogynists for the MRA websites’ silence when men kill and batter women.

Maybe the opposing sides are right about each other? Maybe they both have issues with the opposite sex. Hence MRA silence about violent men, and the Feminist silence about violent women.

Your thoughts?

The Ethical Prude: Imagining An Authentic Sex-Negative Feminism

Please read in full.

A Radical TransFeminist


“A slut is a person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according to the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good for you,” write Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy in The Ethical Slut: A guide to infinite sexual possibilities.

In doing so, they create space for every sexual possibility except for one: the possibility to consider whether sex may not be nice.

Some might suggest this space exists, already populated by woman-haters, given the shame, hatred and violence on offer for women who dare to have sex on their own terms. But these moralistic right-wing views don’t hold that sex is not nice – they hold that women who have sex (and others who are seen to be treated as women in sex) are not nice.

As such it is both progressive and radical to say that sex is not shameful…

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Femina Invicta

There is a topic that is near and dear to me… Yet I haven’t written about it at all.
Femme Elephant

I’ve begun posts or articles many times…
I have dozens of bookmarks saved in my browser… Nothing to show for it. Yet.

Femme. Being Femme. Femme InVisibility. Femme Identity. 

Headings, tags, pieces of things.

It seems that when things get too personal for me, I cannot write a casual post… I want to write a dissertation (:
And who has time for that…


This is not really a post. It is a note. It is a notice. It is a rant. It is a statement – that there is not enough written about what being a femme is all about. There are things I want to shout out, insist upon, inform… There are stances I want to take, and territory I want to stake. There are misconceptions I want…

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Thank you!


It wasn’t ‘A Woman’ either. Not even ‘His Model Girlfriend’. Neither was she just a pair of tits with a pretty face and long legs who happened to be in a relationship with a famous athlete. It’s not ok to look for the most titillating photo in her portfolio and publish it full-size on your front page without her name either. I’m not going to link to any of the stories where she’s been treated this way because I don’t want to give their authors any more oxygen, and besides, you will be tripping over them every time you go into a newsagent or look at a news website.

She wasn’t just an extension of whatever man owns her, and it isn’t more terrible or shocking or worthy of our attention that she’s dead because she had nice breasts. Even when she’s dead she’s only really of interest to the…

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I Support Rhonda Lee

First off, here are two articles about Rhonda Lee. Please read them before reading this entry.
1) http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/black-meteorologist-fired-defending-hair-touched-support-article-1.1218782

2) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/11/rhonda-lee-fired-natural-hair-comments_n_2279950.html

So far, no major feminist website has covered this topic. Maybe one site will touch on this subject once the story is more popular, perhaps not. “Perhaps not” seems more likely.

This goes back to the old argument: should feminism cover a topic such as the one listed above? For those who have answered “yes”, congratulations. For those who answered no, here is some information.

1) While the commenter referred to Ms Lee as a “black lady”, the comments focused on her appearance as a woman, not a black person.

2) Feminism is supposed to fight long held beliefs that women should look, dress, or act a certain way. So, shouldn’t a feminist be upset when a man tells a woman she needs to have long hair?

3) She was fired for explaining to the commenter that not every woman will have the same hair growth pattern, or hair in general.

Because of the reasons listed above, feminist blog sites -should- be in a rage about this. A woman was attacked based on her appearance and was fired for responding to critics. But, I guess this is just an “other” woman with her “other” problems?

A Post for Nurbanu….

I know the case of Nurbanu is days old, which some people will just dismiss as “old”, but I am not here for ratings. (Or popularity, I aim to piss off certain types of people.) I am blogging about Nurbanu because TWO very popular feminist blog sites have yet to say a damned thing about this poor woman. (I searched as much as I could, so I apologize in advance if the blogs did mention Nurbanu)

I know I may not reach as many people as say Feministe or Feministing (HINT!), but if someone is reading, then it is worth writing.

I will give you a simple summary of Nurbanu’s horrid experience, but I encourage you to read it for yourself here. Nurbanu’s husband was a no good, abusive, and adulterous scum bag. She divorced him, he threw acid on her face, and his mother forced Nurbanu to remarry him.

This is why I blog. This is the perfect example of something ALL feminists and feminist blogs should be raging about. Can we stop talking about slut shaming and start talking about something that ACTUALLY is against a woman’s basic fucking natural rights?